Click Here For MapA New Way To Better Serve Our Eagles

As part of UNT’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service, in November of 2022 the Board of Regents approved the construction of a new student service center. Since then, the University has been diligently working to move this project to the next phase. We are excited to announce that the wait is over!  By the end of the year, UNT will have a beautiful new space to serve our students in a more functional and efficient manner.

Beginning March 6, 2023, extensive remodeling will take place in the Eagle Student Services Center (ESSC). While we know things might look a little different for a while, what's coming is very exciting. This new center will help to maximize service to students and families, making it easier to get the answers to important enrollment and financial questions – all in one central location. 

We are very excited to add new levels of service to the Mean Green experience through this initiative, and we ask that you please pardon our feathers while we make it possible!

The Center

This center will provide a holistic experience, combining the care and resources of the enrollment student services teams into one hub of integrated systems and technology. The vision for this center is one that will provide: 

  • A welcoming space to seek assistance from trained staff who can provide direct assistance or help make appropriate connections – in the moment.
  • Delivery of seamless and responsive services that encourage engagement and student success.
  • Proactive efforts in affordability, financial services, and access, across the student journey.

Rendering of the new service center lobby

Services During Construction

Foot traffic will be rerouted throughout the ESSC building for students, faculty and staff and we ask that you be mindful of the surroundings for your safety. Observe all posted signs and placards.

During this transition ALL offices will remain open to serve you. Remember, we can always MEET YOU WHEREVER YOU ARE: 

SCRAPPY SAYS: Answers & Assistance

> Make an appointment to meet with our teams directly

> Ready to meet with a team member in person? No more waiting in line at service counters. Join the queue to see someone now BY TEXT:

(940) 394-8283
Admissions - text: UNTADM
Financial Services - text: UNTFS
Registrar - text: UNTREG

NO PHONE? NO PROBLEM! There are kiosks in the lobby of the ESSC to join the queue.

Map and Navigation

Physical access to the offices of Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid & Scholarships and Student Accounting will be temporarily reorganized for your convenience and safety. If your needs require meeting in person, we are here for you! Simply follow these directions to meet with our support staff.

Entrance 1Photo of doors to Closed entrance

This entrance is closed for construction. To access Student Services or classroom ESSC 255 please see below.

Entrance 2 Door to ESSC 225 Classroom

ESSC 255 will still be in use during construction. The only door available for access is facing the long fountain on the Library Mall. Interior doors to ESSC will be unavailable for use.

Entrances 3/4/5

Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid & Scholarships, Student Accounting
Enter the first floor, either through the door at the base of the stairs facing the field in the quad, through the doors in the breezeway between the student union, or indoors from the union down the ramp across from Wells Fargo.

Left to right: Doors facing quad field, First Floor Breezeway, Indoor Union Entrance.

Project Photo Gallery

Come back often to watch our progress!

Demolition of the first phase is complete and the construction of the new Center will begin.

UNT President Smatresk and Scrappy stand ready to start renovation. President Smatresk puts a hardhat on Scrappy for safety
Presiden Smatresk smashes a glass tile wall with a sledgehammer.  

President Smatresk was joined by Scrappy and others when he took the first swing of the demolition process, in the renovation of the ESSC for the new integrated student services center.

UNT President Smatresk and Scrappy stand ready to start renovation. President Smatresk puts a hardhat on Scrappy for safety
Presiden Smatresk smashes a glass tile wall with a sledgehammer. President Smatresk stands with Scrappy and others at the demolition site with sledgehammers and making the eagle claw gesture.



Signage and other wayfinding materials have been placed around the building, but please don’t hesitate to let us know if you see trouble areas that need attention, or if you have any additional questions about the project.