Division of Enrollment Administration

Shannon Goodman Shannon Goodman
Vice President for Enrollment
Hurley Administration Building, Suite 206
Shannon.Goodman@unt.edu | 940-565-4510

Organization Chart

Rhonda AckerRhonda Acker
Executive Assistant to the Vice President
Hurley Administration Building, Suite 206
Rhonda.Acker@unt.edu | 940-565-4510


Phyllis VaughnPhyllis Vaughn
Director for Division Budgets and Operations
University Union Room 420
Phyllis.Vaughn@unt.edu | 940-565-3396

Shari SchwartzShari Schwartz
Senior Associate Vice President, Registrar
Eagle Student Services Center, Suite 147
Shari.Schwartz@unt.edu | 940-565-4605

image not avaialable Brenda Kihl
Senior Associate Vice President for Enrollment Partnerships Hurley Administration Building 135
Brenda.Kihl@unt.edu | 940-565-4392

image not avaialableVACANT
Associate Vice President, Enrollment Systems
Support and Services Building, 1500 North IH-35E

Michael Sanders, M.Ed.Michael Sanders
Associate Vice President, Enrollment and University Admissions
Eagle Student Services Center, Room 305
Michael.Sanders@unt.edu | 940-565-3903

image not avaialable Hope Garcia
Assistant Vice President, Student Services Regional
DSA - Frisco Room 106
Hope.Garcia@unt.edu | 972-668-8114  

image not avaialable Brooke Elder-Moore
Assistant Vice President, Integrated Student Services
Hurley Administration Building   
Brooke.Moore@unt.edu | 940-369-6288

Chris FosterChris Foster
Associate Vice President, Student Accounting
Eagle Student Services Center, Room 105
Chris.Foster@unt.edu | 940-369-7530

Beth TolanBeth Tolan
Assistant Vice President, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Eagle Student Services Center, Suite 235
Beth.Tolan@unt.edu | 940-565-3901