Student Data Requests

Query Viewer Access

Beginning June 2023, faculty and staff may request Query Viewer as additional access is EIS which provides the ability to run student records reports in real time. This access can be requested using the online Enterprise Systems Security Request Form.

Use the link above to be directed to the login screen for the online security request form. When prompted, login to ServiceNow using your UNT credentials. Complete all required fields. Under ‘Type of request’ select ‘Other’ and under ‘Please describe the access needed enter ‘Query Viewer’. Click 'Order Now' to submit your request. You will receive email confirmation when your request has been completed.

Use of online request forms are limited to UNT Faculty and Staff only. For off-campus requests or questions, please contact

All student record reports are intended for internal departmental use only. If you need official statistics or information to be used for accreditation, please contact the Office of Institutional Research.

Query Viewer Instructions

Once you have received email confirmation that Query Viewer access has been granted, use the instructions to guide you through the process of running a query.

The criteria used to produce the report results will not be visible to you, so you should only run queries that you are familiar with to avoid pulling data that does not meet the criteria you intend.

Standard Reports

The reports below are available to run in Query Viewer. If the reports below do not meet your needs, please see the section below on Custom Reports.

Report Name Description
NTPQ_ACTIVE_BY_PLAN List of students active in a specified plan.
NTPQ_ACTIVE_ENROLLED_ALL All active and enrolled students for the current term (includes subplan).
NTPQ_GRADS_BY_TERM List of students who have completed a specified major/plan by term.
NTPQ_MAJORS_BY_MINOR List of students and their majors who are active in a specified minor.
NTPQ_ROSTER_BY_MAJOR List of classes for the term that students of a specified plan are enrolled in.
NTPQ_ROSTER_BY_SUBJECT Students enrolled in courses of the specified term for the specified subject.
NTPQ_AWARDS_BY_TERM Presidents and Deans lists awards by term.
NTPQ_GRADUATION_TRACKING_UGRD Undergrad graduation application tracking status by term and program.

Custom Reports

If the data you need cannot be provided by one of the standard reports listed above, please submit a data request using the online Enterprise Systems Data Request form and we can work with you to develop a query or report that meets your needs.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact